What makes a perfect gift? Find the perfect present for any occasion!


Historically, gift-giving somehow began when the Three Kings gathered presents for Jesus Christ on the day that he was born. This honored his existence into our world.

Gift-giving has since become a symbolic meaning that acknowledges and confirms our connections with others.

It has become some sort of traditional ritual all across cultures in which we honor, give thanks and show appreciation to those that we love.

This is also a way for us to show that we care for whomever the gift is intended to.

Everyone, from children to adults, loves a good gift whatever the event may be! (Some adults may say no but most are just trying to be polite)

So how would you know what makes a good gift?

Go Custom!

Customized gifts that match the receiver's personality is a great way to go. It gives the impression that you actually listen to what the receiver tells you about themselves and that you celebrate who they are!

Make a list of what the receiver likes

Write down a list of ideas the person likes and you have a plethora of gift ideas to choose from!

Make it an experience

Sometimes, gifts need not actually be a literal thing but an experience. A ticket to their favorite theme park or a dinner at some fancy restaurant is sometimes more than enough to give as it evokes positive emotions to the one receiving the said experience. In turn, seeing and remembering you in a positive light. Gifts that evoke emotions actually can be more powerful than any type of gift-giving.

Choose what you think the person needs a.k.a something useful!

Don't just pick out any gift. There are times wherein gifts that are useful or that have a purpose are great to give as you know it would not go to waste and would not be collecting dust in the attic any time soon.

Big isn’t always best

Not everyone likes big gifts. Aside from being a pain to carry around the store, going big isn't always the perfect way. Even the smallest of things can make an impact on someone. However, if you are after big gifts, check out our Giant Plush collection!

Always think of the receiver. Stand in their shoes and think from their own perspective. It gives you a good chance and idea on what type of perfect gift that individual might want and actually would keep.

Remember, it’s not really about the thing that you give, but the thought that comes with it.

And also, there need not be any occasion to give the perfect gift. Any day of any month and any year is always the perfect time to show your appreciation and love to someone.

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