All about The Oarfish - The Elongated Enigma


The Oarfish is an elongated type of aquatic fish that lives in the depths of the ocean. Seldom seen alive on the surface, it is sometimes considered as a harbinger of doom such as earthquakes or some sort of natural disaster.

No matter the superstition that surrounds it, this creature is no doubt fascinating and intriguing. Researchers have currently recognized three different species: the Giant Oarfish, the Streamer Fish, and Regalecus russelii.

The oarfish is usually described as having a crest on its head, a dorsal fin on its back and long, narrow pelvic fins that have red hues. Aside from an elongated body, it is scale-less and has an iridescent silver coloration. It is generally measured at 10 feet long but can grow up to 36 feet and sometimes even more.

It lives in the depths of the sea and is rarely near the coast/shore. The oarfish is carnivorous and primarily feed on smaller marine creatures.

As of the moment, no human has domesticated the oarfish as it would not be able to survive the pressure of being on the surface and trying to replicate its natural habitat would prove futile and pointless leading it to its demise. Same as to why not much of research has been done about the oarfish with regards to their reproduction and everyday living habits due to its uncommonness.

Nevertheless, the oarfish will always leave anyone in awe at the very sight of it. It may be impossible to catch and take care of a live one, BUT, Gagebeasley is offering the next best thing. You can get your very own oarfish - which is almost close enough to the real thing without the hassle of getting an aquarium. You don’t even need to feed it! This one can live on dry land for ages, maybe even centuries, right by your side.

Gagebeasley’s oarfish is no common harbinger of doom but a herald of love and endless CUDDLES! Perfect gift for a loved one who is into deep sea creatures or even for yourself! The oarfish is an amazing addition to anyone's sea plush collection!

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