A Hassle-free Guide to Buying The Perfect Gift for Your Overseas Significant Other

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Long-distance romances can be challenging. Living oceans away from your significant other can be upsetting, especially during the holiday season, summer, and lockdown, when there are limitations to visiting your lovers. 

So how do you endow them with gifts when you cannot see them face to face?

Gifting is one of the most romantic things to execute in a relationship, but it becomes daunting when doing it over a long distance.

Periods to Give

Although you don't have to wait for a specific time before you give a gift. However, there are some periods when giving is relatively compulsory. Here are some periods or purposes when giving is necessary.

Give on Anniversaries

Every year, some couples celebrate their being together, whether with a visit to the cinema or a night out, or a combination of the two. 

If you are not in the same place as your partner, on your anniversary, after a lengthy communication on the phone, you can send a gift to perfect the romance.

A wedding anniversary is one of the times to send a gift to your long-distance lover.

Birthday Gifts

While you can ignore giving during other periods, you cannot afford to ignore your lover's birthday gift.

Even if your partner doesn't like birthdays, they want to feel special in their individuality because this is the only day that belongs to them in 365 days and the day they became a person. 

Depending on the status of the relationship. Is it just dating that you don't intend to take to the next level, or you're planning a marriage, and the case will be different if you're already married.

Remember they are far away, so you ought to start preparing earlier.

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Valentine Gift

This is your day!

You cannot afford not to spare a gift for your significant other on Valentine's day. Look for some of your spouse's favorite gifts and surprise them before realizing that the celebration is around the corner. You don't have an excuse for not gifting.

Since you'll be sending it over a long distance, get them ready ahead of time so that it can arrive destination on or before the date.

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Religious Holidays Gift

We imagine our living rooms loaded with gifts whenever we picture the winter holiday season. Couples give a lot at the end of each year. 

It has been projected that Americans spend between $717Billion and $721Billion in November and December for Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Christmas. 

Often these gifts are reserved for long-distance significant others, but they can span all statuses.

Events Gift

Some celebrations warrant gifting - events like birth, graduations, promotions, and deaths, to mention a few. 

Some of these events can be celebrated with cards, but you can be creative and think of something that supports and reflects what your receiving partner is going through.

Even better is when they might not expect it is coming.

Special or Surprise Gift

Distance relationships can be boring when you're not creative. You can spark the romance by sending a surprise gift to your lover or send a gift to someone special. 

Photo frames, love letter candles, and bracelets are some of the gifts that you can send to your long-distance.

Step-by-Step Guide to Buying The Perfect Gift for Your Foreign Lover

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Buying gifts for your significant other is one of the best ways to express how much you care. If you give them a meaningful gift, they will adore you for doing it and know that you cherish them and that they're essential to you.

Here are the step-by-step guides to buying the perfect gift for your lover abroad.

Think for Your Significant Other

Most of the time, you send a gift to your lover; they are usually not aware you have such a thing on the way, so they arrive as a surprise package.

And when you present a perfect gift, your partner must love it in a way that boosts the quality of the relationship.

Therefore, put some serious effort into your lover's likes and write them down. What are their interests, hobbies, and skills? What does your significant other need, want, love, or what festive period is around the corner?

For example, my sweetheart found interest in digital marketing during the pandemic; specifically media buys and direct-response marketing, so I surprised her with the best courses for those topics on digitalmarketer.com. She couldn't stop appreciating me for going that far.

You don't have to worry that the gift is only valuable when it's a physical item; the success of a gift has nothing to do with that. I prefer it to be what the person needs or her burning desire.

At the same time, the gift doesn't have to be pricey; they need to be romantic and thoughtful.

Think thoroughly about what your spouse is dying to have, festive, anniversaries, events, what she loves or is in dire need of.

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Start Preparing Earlier

Since your sweetheart is far away, start preparing for the gift earlier. If you're going to buy it locally and then ship a Christmas gift, start making plans before December 25. 

Give yourself enough time to avoid rush-hour disappointment. Intercontinental gifts take many weeks to arrive at their destination, so try to get your gift across earlier for such a distance gift.

If you decide to buy online, you can save time and effort by shipping directly from an international seller, saving you the hassle of filling out complex paperwork. 

Be careful about the customs declarations if you do it yourself. Depending on the recipient country, your receiving partner may be prone to taxes at the point of arrival.

Weigh the Package and Consider the Costs

It can be hard to guess if it is better or worse to ship yourself directly through your local post office or allow the store to send the package for you. 

There're times when shipping yourself is cheaper. The last time I sent a gift to my wife in London from Sydney, I  minimized the cost by combining multiple items into one package instead of sending each one independently by the seller.

The hassles of costing and packages only happen when I shop in my locality and send abroad.

Another exciting idea is that I can shop online from the recipient's destination and have it delivered to them directly.

I have found it relieving to buy from the destination country or in the same continent from a local seller in the past years. I started by signing in to regional Amazon Australia and Amazon UK using my United States Amazon login details. I was able to buy and ship domestically from there easily. 

If you're looking for a gift item in a country without Amazon or an equivalent eCommerce store, you can use Google’s modifiers to limit the results to a specific country. 

You can use the asterisk wizard like this "site:*.co.uk" as part of your search phrase, and Google will pull results from the UK only. Or you can use the exact match [couple bracelets in london]; you can also try the phrase match variant like this "gravity weighted blanket." 

I have once used Etsy’s search filter and eBay advanced search to check search results from the country where my recipient lives.

Using these hacks, I found shops that sell my favorite ceramic kissing mugs in the United Kingdom, where my spouse lives. The package plus delivery cost me around $37; if I had bought it in Sydney and shipped it to London, I would have ended up spending 3X for the same mug and shipping, not to talk of the time it would have taken to arrive in London.

Verify the Website Validity

If you couldn't find an eCommerce store you're already familiar with, like Amazon, eBay, etc. Secretly do a review on the site you see; you can use trustpilot.com or Google to find general public opinions or reviews about the eCom store.

Virtual Gifts

Virtual gifts can be the last-minute winner or recurring gifts you give.

As a last resort, you can quickly turn to a virtual gift whenever there is a shortage of time since you're sure that it will arrive earlier than other physical gifts.

You can send a virtual gift to your significant other as a recurring gift. I prefer to use this method as a surprise package; paying for different subscriptions can be overwhelming for your partner if they are lower-income earners.

Some of the virtual gifts you can give are entertainment service subscriptions, tickets to an online class, online video game subscriptions, fitness class memberships, virtual gift cards, travel tickets, etc.

Conclusively, the first thing is to have a purpose for the gift; this will generate the effort and give meaning to your gift, but it doesn't mean that you cannot give a surprise gift. The gift could be an anniversary, event, birthday, valentine or Christmas gift.

The next thing is to follow the no-fail process of a perfect gift to avoid jeopardy. Don't forget the virtual gifts that come in handy at any time, either as a last resort or as a recurring gift.



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