Affiliate Program

Gage Beasley was established to promote and sell a variety of gifts. Today, it is a proudly growing online business that specializes in lifelike animals, giant plush toys dinosaurs, and more lovely critters. Now we are very excited to present Gage Beasley’s Affiliate Program!

The Affiliate Program invites animal toy lovers, dinosaur enthusiasts, animals bloggers, or just anyone who just plain loves animals and plush!  Whether or not you’re a mix-and-match of all of those, you’re welcome to apply to join our exciting team!

Affiliate FAQ:

How does Gage Beasley  know if I send a sale?

Simple! You sign up as an Affiliate on Refersion, and once approved you’ll receive a special tracking link to place on your blog or other social media platform that will track every click and subsequent sale sent to Gage Beasley from you with a 30-day cookie period.

How will I get paid?

Refersion handles the payments and will be paid out when you are ready. Just be sure to include all of your payment information during the sign up process.

Is my platform a good fit for the Gage Beasley Affiliate Program?

Most of our items are purchased by animal & toy lovers and as gifts for others!  We have featured in gift blogs, mommy blogs and wildlife blogs. That being said there is no perfect fit – if you think you can be a great affiliate for us we want to hear from you as to why! Unsure?  Just ask

Once I'm approved, what is my commission on each sale?

All approved affiliates are eligible for our 2-tier commission rate: 

1 - 20 referral sales = 15% commission

20+ referral sales = 30% commission

Note that qualified referral sales are counted on a rolling 30-day period. 

How do I get started?

To get started click on the link here and fill out the application!