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Gage Beasley

Elasmotherium Prehistoric Rhinoceros Soft Stuffed Plush Toy

Elasmotherium Prehistoric Rhinoceros Soft Stuffed Plush Toy

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❃ Elasmotherium, also known as the "Siberian unicorn," was a prehistoric rhinoceros that lived during the Pleistocene epoch. It was a massive creature with a unique appearance. It stood about 6 feet tall at the shoulder and measured approximately 16 feet in length. Its most striking feature was its long, straight horn on its forehead, which could reach up to 6 feet in length.

❃ The body of Elasmotherium was robust and heavily built, adapted for a herbivorous diet. It had a thick coat of fur, which helped it survive in the cold climates of its habitat. Its legs were sturdy and supported its massive weight, allowing it to move across different terrains.

❃ Despite its nickname, Elasmotherium was not closely related to modern-day unicorns or horses. Its unique horn likely served various purposes, including defense, attracting mates, and digging for vegetation. Elasmotherium roamed the grasslands of Eurasia, and its extinction is thought to have occurred around 29,000 years ago, possibly due to a combination of climate change and human hunting.

For further reading on this prehistoric rhino., check out our dedicated post! 

Toy Specifications:

Type Plush Toy for Ages 3+ 
Size 33cm(13") Head to tail.
Material Plush & PP Cotton
Color As Pictured


Package Includes: 1 x Elasmotherium Prehistoric Rhinoceros Soft Stuffed Plush Toy

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